WoodWrite, LTD

Model 161 Manual Lathe

The 161 is our most basic model.  The saddle (cutting device) is operated with a hand crank at the end of the lathe.  For certain application this can provide a more precise cut.  Take a look at the video below.  A list of specification are also at the bottom of the page.

Specification for the Model 161

  • overall length = 29" (74 cm)
  •  depth = 16" (41 cm)
  • weight = 33 lbs. (14 k)
  •  tail stock includes a high speed live center with radial needle bearing and ball thruster, and easy-release knob
  • 16.5" (42 cm) between centers
  •  2" high-speed ball bearings rated at over 35,000 rpm
  •  5.5" (14 cm) swing over bed
  • 2.5" (6.3 cm) swing over saddle
  •  saddle moves on two polished and ground tool steel rods
  •  E-Z Glide crank for manual saddle movement
  •  slide includes 4 bronze, self-lubricating Oilite bushings
  • 1/4" jeweler's precision collet and collet closer nut on 3/4-16 drive spindle, for greater precision and accuracy in turning
  •  1/3hp A/C induction motor
  •  two six-step pulleys and long-life belt (speed range 450 - 5700 rpm)
  •  the lathe of anondized  6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum extrusions with a bed of double 3/4" precision ground tool steel rods is assembled, aligned and mounted on a 3/4" wood base, pre-drilled for easy mounting to your work bench (screws provided)
  •  the rear tool mount, with furnished carbide tipped cutting tool allows full access for sanding and polishing
  •  exclusive dust collection manifold accepts standard 2-1/4" shop vac hose and follows the cutting tool for 99% efficiency
  • may be upgraded to 363 or 462

All Lathes currently out of production.