WoodWrite, LTD

WoodWrite, Ltd. was founded in 1994 by engineer Jack Beste with the sole mission of enabling all people, regardless of past woodworking experience, to accurately, easily and quickly create beautiful pens and pencils from rare and exotic woods. Our promise was, and still is, “If you can read a number and turn a crank you will become proficient in manufacturing pens and pencils.”  Although our entire business is directed toward this objective and toward related uses of our equipment and supplies, every WoodWrite, Ltd. Mini-lathe can be used for turning small spindles, bowls, game calls, toys and other objects, just as you would on a standard lathe using hand-held tools.

As we begin our second decade of business and now under new ownership we hope to have a rebirth of WoodWrite, Ltd.  Back to the proud and respectable business it was when Mr. Beste started the company.  We look forward to serving new customers and getting to know the former WoodWrite, Ltd customers.