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  • CN-16 SEMI-GLOSS $16.95 (8 fl oz)
  • CN-17 SUPER GLOSS $16.95 (8 fl oz)
  • CN-11 SEALER $16.95 (8 fl oz)
  • Buy 2 cans for $15.95 each
  • Shipping for 1-3 cans = $8.50

WoodWrite, Ltd. offers two polishes which are durable enough to be used on a bar top and contain no tung or linseed oil, alcohol, or shellac. CN-16 Semi-Gloss and CN-17 Super Gloss are carefully formulated blends of several inert polymers with a base of lacquer thinner. CN-16 Semi-Gloss contains more solids and is an ideal coating for open-grained woods such as mahogany or walnut. We recommend sealing resinous woods such as cocobolo, tulipwood or bloodwood first with CN-11 Sealer. CN-17 Super Gloss is a perfect final coat or may be used directly on non-resinous closed-grain woods.

Application is simple:

  1. Sand and burnish the wood with sandpaper or abrasive cloth of 400 grit or finer. Be sure all sanding marks are removed.
  2. Fold a lint-free cloth so that six thicknesses separate your fingers from the work. (Scott "Rags in a Box" work well for this purpose.)
  3. Shake the can vigorously for a few seconds.
  4. Open the can and place the rag over the spout. Tip the can to wet the cloth. Whatever adheres to the cloth with "one tip" is sufficient for one coat.
  5. With the lathe running (highest speed), apply the polish directly to your spinning work, from under the work, using firm finger pressure to move the rag back and forth to properly, uniformly, spread the polish over the work. When the heat of friction comes through the folded cloth to your fingers, you can be certain the finish is dry.
  6. Using the same spot on the rag, apply several coats, one after another, until the desired depth of finish is achieved. You may apply as many coats as you wish. You have now created a magic finish which will last for years under normal use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    There has never been a finish like CN-16 Semi-Gloss or CN-17 Super Gloss for wood turners. We're sure that you'll love it! A little bit goes a long way. If you are using our polishes for pens and pencils, you'll find that one 8 oz can will provide as many as 1000 applications.