Concerns Raised Over $140 per Week Rental


Locals Label Rental as Creepy

A room for rent has been advertised for the low price of $140 per week, including utilities. However, the catch is that the price seems to be for just one mattress on the floor in a room that can accommodate three people. The listing, which appeared on Facebook Marketplace in Surfers Paradise, has received a lot of criticism from concerned locals who find the place creepy and a cause for concern. After receiving negative feedback, the listing was taken down.

Is Renting Out Part of a Room Legal?

According to the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) in Queensland, tenants can sublet part of their property with permission from the property manager or owner. Alternatively, owners can choose to rent out their property as rooming accommodation or boarding to multiple people. While there are no clear laws regarding how many people can rent just one room, each state or territory has legislation in place to protect renters and homeowners. These laws include minimum housing standards to ensure that rented properties are safe and private. For example, in Queensland, rental properties must have curtains or window coverings to provide privacy in rooms like bedrooms. Landlords are also required to take reasonable steps to ensure that tenants can enjoy their rented premises without disturbance.

Concerns About Targeting International Students

Some people believe that the advertisement is targeting international students who are looking for cheap accommodation. They worry that international students may be taken advantage of in these situations. However, most universities support their international students in finding safe and secure accommodation. The University of Sydney, for example, offers emergency accommodation and financial assistance to those in need. The university also provides tips for students looking for accommodation, such as asking questions to the landlord or property manager and thoroughly inspecting the property before making any payments.

Reporting Dodgy Rentals

The RTA states that property managers and owners have an obligation to ensure that rental properties meet health and safety requirements. If a tenant believes that their rental property does not meet minimum housing standards, they can apply for an urgent repair order through the tribunal. If the repair order is granted and the property manager or owner fails to comply, the RTA can take enforcement actions. Anyone who wants to report a potential breach of standards can do so through their local rental authority website.